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I have struggled with this concept for a long time, and a surprising number of other people I know have struggled with this concept as well. Well, it finally happened. I was waiting in line at Kmart to pick up a quart of milk. I have been trying to get a handle on this concept of the tort system in general and the concept of justice system, as well. I can accept that an individual may not be responsible for something he didn't do. And, that, in fact, is the way we live. But the injustice is perpetrated when we feel that one individual has the power to victimize another person. In the case of the past examples I gave of people being sued, I find that nearly all of them were lawsuits in which the defendant believed that he was guilty of some offense (usually criminal) that caused harm to the plaintiff. Let's say that you are the plaintiff and you are suing someone for the offense of driving negligently. And, let's say that you can prove that the person driving the car was in fact negligent. The real problem begins to arise when you are still suing the person for the damage that he caused. Because, now we have a case of you being the victim, and a case of you suing another person for being a victim. I understand that my blog isn't the court of law, and that any appellate process could always overturn any decision. And, that the court of law is considered to be the correct system of justice. But, I also understand that a decision is not the real decision if the decision maker is aware of it being wrong. And, I also believe that if you are arguing for something that is clearly right, it is not wrong to be aware of the fact that you are fighting for something that is right. The principle, then, is that we should strive to be right. If we can be right, then we win. If we can't be right, then we are forced to acknowledge that we lost. So, if we are not wrong, why should we care what other people think? Why do we need to fight? Why should we feel that our decisions were right if no one agrees with them? The only reason that I can think of to make such a decision is to be a hero. And, I think that it is important for us to be good people. We should act properly, and we should do right, regardless of whether we are hated or loved by other people.



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