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The Magnate


Shania L  is a 20-year-old entrepreneur born and raised in Miami FL.  The young vibrant Shania was always well before her time and went over and beyond in all she did.  She had an eye for everything art whether it was it on a canvas, on someone's head or in a book. She was a visual learner who picked up all talents and would never settle.

Shania is currently studying Biology with a minor in business at Florida Atlantic University.

She started her brand Shabel Co. 3 years ago, her senior year in high school. She never planned on expanding her brand until her freshman year in college living on campus when she realized she loved doing hair and challenges that came with it. Shabel came from her name and the creole word "Bel" which means pretty. Once she mixed the two business started to BOOM. She calls her clients Bel Girls because they are the prettiest gems ever.

Shania does hair and sells the best 100% virgin hair in South Florida alongside other products like Bel Fur Slides or her CC Bel wigs. She also has tutorials on youtube as well as a blog on her site CHECK IT OUT.

As a young woman building and growing, she plans on giving each  Bel Girl the best experience!

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